Mini Hair Straightener GL311

mini hair straightener GL311
mini hair straightener GL311Mini-Hair-Straightener-GL311Pmini hair straightener GL311
  • Display: 3 LED lights
  • Certification: CE,RoHS
  • Plate size: 61X13mm
  • Color options: Black, blue, pink, purple and customized colors
  • Settings: 3 temperaturer setting with three bottons.
  • Plates: Ceramic tourmaline coated aluminum plates
  • Dimensions: 16cmx2cmx2.2cm
  • Model number: GL311

Plate Type: Mini Hair Straightener with Ceramic  Plate

Aluminum Plates means more conductive properties than some other technology. Such better conductive properties coming from aluminum plates, they distribute equally heat all over the entire area of the plates with no peaks heat. The outcomes are excellent looking results that last longer with effortless in doing it in less time daily using. These features are essentially for the health of your hair taking far less damage to the cuticle.


Pro Variable Temperature control

Important feature is the control of the temperature. Different hair means even different treatment. For this reason you need to choose the right temperature for your hair. Your ideal heat will be lower to ensure delicate finer hair types will not became damaged, higher heat instead fits for thicker hair usually less delicate.


360° Swivel power Cord

Swivel cord allows you to feel free to move your hand to reach a better styling. And the cord will never tangle during the straightenning or curling.


PTC Heating Element

Super-fast heating plate thanks to the PTC technology that brings the heat you prefer in few minutes. The main feature of PTC technology is the fixed maximum temperature, it will be never overheated to protect the safe for users.


Negative Ion Technology

Usually during the brushing or the styling, positive or static ions can be accumulated in the hair. This function remove this annoying happening neutralizing positive ions spreading out natural negative ions. This function becomes you shiny, smooth and soft hair as silk.


Dual Voltage

With dual voltage function, the user can use it anywhere, it’ll be very convenient for the travellers.


Professional tourmaline floating plates

This technology gives to the plates the possibility to match perfectly and making perfectly slip your hair among the two suspended on a flexible membrane which permits movement of the plates along the central axis.


Designed Housing for better grip

The housing has been studied to give you the best sensitivity for your movement for pursuit the best result for you style. Adapt for your hand that guarantees you a better anti-slip\grip.


Heat Expansion

The housing has been studied to give you the best sensitivity for your movement for pursuit the best result for you style. Adapt for your hand rubber-coated that guarantees you a better anti-slip\grip.

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