Our Advantages

Quality and Precision
Over its long experience as a manufacturer, Geloon has gained the reputation as a manufacturer of high quality, technically advanced products. We deliver the highest levels of quality and specifications that our clients require. The plant is authorized according to the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 international standards.
Reliability and Transparency
Geloon follows a policy of full transparency with its clients. We see our clients as partners in the manufacturing process and inform them of every malfunction, problem and/or success to allow our clients to make business decisions quickly, responding to both expected and unexpected changes. Our reliability and commitment to transparency has allowed us to build up a large pool of local customers.
Economic and operational productivity
High quality does not need to break the bank! Our experience as a manufacturer allows us to manage our production efficiently and to reduce costs to our clients wherever appropriate to do so. We make it possible for many of our clients to reduce operational costs and increase profits without affecting the quality of the product.
Adaptation to clients’ needs
Beginning with purchasing and construction of special equipment and machinery for manufacturing, we plan and create work processes and build production lines in accordance with clients’ needs at every step of the way. We also prepare quality assurance procedures for every stage of production, in accordance with the quality requirements set by our clients.We supply 2D or 3D design with private label for custom hair tools including custom flat irons custom hair curling irons custom hairdryers custom hair crimpers etc.
Proven success in handling complex projects including custom hair tools custom flat irons custom hair curling irons custom hairdryers custom hair crimpers projects etc.
Even if your product requires a complicated assembly, Geloon is well prepared to provide suitable solutions. We have a history of success in completing complex custom hair tools custom flat irons custom hair curling irons custom hairdryers custom hair crimpers projects in a timely, accurate manner.
Advanced infrastructure
Geloon offers its clients a modern, technically advanced plant, equipped with the latest modern technology, the highest level of professional manpower, and qualified, motivated production workers.
Western Orientated
Geloon’s methodology is based on the culture of Western commercial business practices. This applies to contractual and business relationships, process of manufacturing, and quality assurance. Communication with the company is in clear, comprehensive English.
Considerable experience of manufacturing in China
Geloon’s management team has over 20 years of experience of manufacturing in China. Our experience has given us a knowledge of the Chinese market which allows us to make sensible and economic purchases. We understand how to navigate the Chinese mentality and culture, which is necessary when establishing a manufacturing system that keeps the quality and standards required for international business.
Supporting Logistics System
In addition to our manufacturing experience, we have a rich experience of providing logistical support for our clients – from the purchasing of parts, packaging and accessories, to inspections, and shipping. You will enjoy a seamless production journey if you choose our services.