How long are the cords on the products?

Common cord (cable) length is between 1.5 meters to 3 meters.
Mini hair straighteners used 1.5m, standard straighteners used with 2.7m and Salon products are mostly having 3m length cord
Cord length, just like most of components Geloon offers, are customized according to client request.

How quickly do the hair straighteners warm up?

Hair straightener warming speed depends its heating element. For PTC heaters (common with home usage flat irons and curling irons), it takes 60-70 seconds to reach 200 Celsius degrees. As for the MCH heaters, plates arrive to the same degrees level within 30-40 seconds. Geloon also offers a “Super Speed” MCH heaters with ability of 200 Celsius degrees warming within 15 seconds.

What are the operating temperatures of the hair straighteners?

Operating temperature is changing according to user’s hair type and density. Based on Geloon testers (professional barbers and hair dressers), most common operating temperature is between 180-230 Celsius degrees. For better protection of the hair, Geloon is recommending to operate using 190 Degrees Celsius.
Aluminium plates and Ceramic plates both, are able to support 150-230 Celsius degrees.

How heavy are each of the hair tools?

Hair tools weight are different, it depends cord length, housing shape and its inner components. In general, hair straightener weight ranges from 280 gram to 350 gram, Hair curlers from 200 gram to 320 gram and Hair dryers are from 300 gram to 550 gram including nuzzle

Do the tools have automatic shutoff?

Some of the hair tools are featuring with automatic shutoff commend for the safety using

Are the tools digital?

Most of Geloon hair tools are offering digital buttons and an LED screen for easier usage and comfortable functionality of hair tools

Do the tools have temperature control?

Yes, most of Geloon products are available with Temperature control. Temperature control is able to adjust the flat irons plates and curling irons barrels according to user hair type and desired speed of the hair tools.

Can the tools be used on all types of hair?

Yes, as long as the hair is human, Geloon products are compatible.

Can the hair straighteners be used on wet hair?

Yes, for the wet hair, Geloon is offering Wet2Dry straighteners which specially developed for wet hair. Plates structure designed carefuly to ensure steam will not reach the inner part while inner components have been isolated to prevent moisturize from touching it

What is the different between PTC heater and MCH?

PTC (Heating Element belongs to the group of Passive Electronic Components (PEC). The PTC is made of Barium Titan-ate. PTC elements are programmable during production (do not require IC card 3rd element as MCH) of hair straighteners and hair curlers and by using it. PTC maximum ideal temperature with hair tools products is up to 230C. PTC heater is the most common element for home usage hair flat irons and curling irons. PTC requires around 1 minute to heat up to its maximum temperature

MCH Heating Element belongs to the group of Active Electronic Components (AEC), The MCH, is made of Ceramic. MCH elements are able to combine multi-function and stable temperature for long and intensive usage. MCH elements are more common with Professional Salon hair tools and high end products. MCH could arrive its maximum temperature within 20 seconds

What is “Injection color”, “Shiny color”, “Rubber coating”, and “Water transfer”?

All mentioned above, are coating techniques which effected the external appearance of the hair tool. As consumers, when it comes to beauty products, we put a lot of attention to product external look.. listed below are major coatings and technologies which make it happen:

Injection Color
The injection color of the hair tool is actually the direct result coming out of the mold after pigmented plastic injected into it. The plastic which heated up to its melting point is injected into a steel hair tool shape molding tool. It is extremely important to work with proper moldings as any detail on the mold is reflected on the hair tool outcome. The injection color is mostly limited to one color with no patterns or printing options on it.

Shiny Color
When you see a perfect Shiny finish on a hair tool, that’s probably because it went through a painting process which added a coated shiny layer. The shiny coating is a flexible process where clients are able to choose a specific colors to apply on their hair tools. Since the process requires paint and pistol, mixed colors are also an option… the shiny coated hair tool is very easy for cleaning over its smooth surface.

Rubber Coating
Is another coating applied by painting process. Actually, it goes through the same procedure as the Shiny Coating apart from its final result, the Rubber Coating, just like its name, grants a soft rubber feeling to the surface together with comfortable grip over its viscous texture. Rubber Coating also known by the names; “Silk Touch” and “Mat Finish”.
Shiny Coating and Rubber Coating both fault % is high and therefore priced accordingly.

Water Transfer
Hair straightener in Zebra, Leopard and Floral patterns are just few outcomes of the water transfer. One of the most fascinating techniques on the hair tools industry; hair straighteners, hair dryers and hair curlers are all available with the water transfer coating.
The water transfer is a special printable rolled film (solid, just like a camera film we used many years ago). How it works? Flatted piece of film is spread on a pool contained with a special liquid, contact between the two, will melt the film and turns it into a membrane texture, that’s where the next step comes; applying the hair tools on the film, it is a crucial step where the film is delivered onto the hair tool housing (plastic) and from that moment, coats and becomes a part of it (obviously, the water transfer procedure berries a high % of fault items in it).The beauty of Water Transfer is its varied patterns which can be printed on, just be creative… Water Transfer films are prices according to number of colors were used (mostly, different color Hue is considered as additional color)

What is the difference between “Titanium”, “Ceramic”, and “Tourmaline” Plates?

Ceramic blow dryers and flat irons use ceramic heaters, which produce negative ions when heated. The word ionic is commonly used in the styling industry to refer to negative ions only. An ion is an atom that has gained a positive or negative electrical charge. Damaged hair is positively charged from chemicals, metal heated appliances, or static electricity. A positive charge keeps hair follicles open, dry and brittle. Negative ions neutralize the charge, closing hair follicles and smoothing the hair shaft. All ceramic heating tools produce them, while materials like tourmaline and titanium boost their output. Unlike Titanium, Ceramic plates are fragile.

Tourmaline heat styling tools also produce negative ions. There are not many differences between ceramic and tourmaline heat styling tools, as they almost do the same job. But one noticeable difference is tourmaline heat styling tools produce a greater number of negative ions, which gives the hair a silkier, shinier look.

Ceramic & Tourmaline
Tourmaline heat styling tools can be infused with ceramic heaters or plates, to give you better results. But ceramic heat styling tools are not infused with tourmaline heaters or plates. When tourmaline is crushed and combined with the ceramic plates of a styling iron, the heating of the iron causes negative ions to be emitted, which then allow for smoother hair styling.

Titanium is as strong as steel and 40% lighter. It’s the smoothest surface available in a styling tool. This is especially useful when heat styling with a flat iron to prevent hair from snagging on the iron plates. Titanium retains higher heat longer and distributes it consistently across the surface. This results in faster styling time, and higher heat, on a very smooth surface.

Used sparingly, heat styling can safely provide a new look in a short amount of time. Blow dryers and flat irons made of ceramic, tourmaline and or titanium produce negative ions to reduce frizz, smooth the hair shaft and reduce damage.

I'd like to place an order, how to proceed?

Geloon sales Rep. will contact you and guide you will all steps, listed below production procedure:
1. IF REFERENCE SAMPLE REQUIRED: Sample > The buyer transfers the sample fee to Geloon
3. In case of approval, the buyer transfers the deposit payment (30%)
4. Production starts
5. The production ends
6. Product Testing
7. Balance Payment (70%)
8. Delivery to Port of Loading
9. Geloon forwards Bill of Lading Draft to buyer
10. Buyer verifies Bill of Lading

Can an order be cancelled?

Yes, but it really depends in which stage. Geloon is a western oriented company and customer service is on the top of our Co. values, finding the most workable solution for both sides is always our first goal.

Each production requires a purchasing of customized raw materials, components, housings and so on. unfortunately, based on our experience, most of these materials are not suitable for other clients and therefore nonrefundable.

How can the order be tracked?

Our account managers will take care of it and keep updating you on a weekly basis.
If for any reason emails haven’t received, kindly check your spam folder, it might get there over servers security issue. In case email hasn’t been sent, we apologize for it, please let us know and we will provide with all required information ASAP.

When will the order be delivered?

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What if there is product missing from the order?

It shouldn’t happen but we are all human.
Geloon delivery process is going through a monitored software where each item is scanned and after master cartons if full (generally 20pcs/master), the software is generating a unique barcode which contains all individual items in it. without having all 20pcs scanned, the software just can’t issue that barcode and master carton will remain open till it does.

Exceptions will be checked carefully and our customer service will contact you and compensate if needed.

Can the order be shipped anywhere?

Yes you do. Our exporting experience is including over 50 countries in its records, include USA, Mexico, Venezuela, UK, Brazil and more…we know how to manage it.

What type of safety certificates should I produce for our local standard institution?

We really recommend to advise a local agent in this matter.

For reference only,
USA – hair straighteners/flat irons, hair curlers/curling iron and hair dryers are required UL / ETL certificate issued by TUV or Intertek.
Europe – CE, RoHs and in some cases GS issued by TUV

How long are the products guaranteed for?

Geloon offers 1 year warranty for MCH heater based hair straighteners / hair curlers and 2 years for PTC one.

Are there any exclusions to the guarantee?

Warranty referred to technical problems such as; device doesn’t turn on, plates don’t warm up or switch doesn’t function.Damages caused by breakage, corrosion and ruptures are not covered.

How to claim the guarantee?

Contact our customer service at, you’ll be asked to fill up our warranty form and explain the problem in details so we can investigate it accordingly. Compensation mostly are offered on future orders. We apologize whether any inconvenience caused

Is there extended warranty?

One year warranty extension is optional, depends the product type.
For clients who offer local technical and repairing services, all range of components may be purchased individually.

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