Foldable Hair Dryer Model GL-168

Foldable Hair Dryer

  • Power: 1300W foldable hair dryer with DC motor
  • Certification: Apply for certificate as per request
  • Motor: DC motor
  • Color options: Black, blue, pink, purple,gray etc.
  • Over heating protection device
  • Settings: 3 speed blow,3 heating,cool shot
  • Plug: optional
  • Ceramic unit: create far-infrared and ionic
  • Model number:GL-168

 Cool Shot Function


Foldable Hair Dryer with 3 Switches Provide 3 Speeds & 3 Heat Settings

professional round power Cord

The length and the plug will be designed as per customer’s request.

Over Heating Protection Device

It is designed to protect the users away from the hurt of overheating.

Professional DC Motor

Power: 1300W(powerful)


Negative Ion Technology (Optional)

Usually during the brushing or the styling, positive or static ions can be accumulated in the hair. This function remove this annoying happening neutralizing positive ions spreading out natural negative ions. This function becomes you shiny, smooth and soft hair as silk.


Designed Housing for better grip

The housing has been studied to give you the best sensitivity for your movement for pursuit the best result for you style. Adapt for your hand rubber-coated that guarantees you a better anti-slipgrip.

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