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Custom Flat Iron by Hair Straightener Manufacturer Geloon

Geloon keeps supporting the clients to create their custom flat iron. Geloon also support custom hair dryer and other hair tools since 2008. Some

Jul 24, 2022
High Speed Hair Dryer Brushless Motor

Geloon launched new high speed hair dryer with brushless motor which was made by new intelligent technology, it supplies speed of 110000r/m, auto cleaning

Jul 24, 2022
customized hair tools Leadtime

customized hair tools to refer the turn-key page at https://www.geloon.com/turn-key-projects/ We are a professional hair straightener manufacturer, a professional hair curler manufacturer, a professional

Dec 21, 2021
Create own brand on hair tools

Create own brand on hair tools is a dream for some people who works on hair beauty industry. Lots of people want to create

Jun 9, 2019